A few of my favorite Halloween Costumes!

1 Nov

While out and about this past weekend, I saw some uber duber great outfits! These were my favorites! These were taken at Hamburger Mary’s, in front of JR’s and at the Ween show at the 1st Bank Center…. xo bshig

Adorably pixelated!

I LOVE this handmade headdress! I want to carry these at Fashion Denver!

Video game and super heros!

Someone’s got a big ol’ butt, OH YEAH!

Shark Attack!!


Xavier Falls into fashion..

28 Oct

Today the Fashion Denver boutique was visited by Xavier, a fashionisto who is in the process of starting his own boutique featuring eclectic and affordable finds.  We can’t wait to see what he brings to Denver!  With the seasons changing, it’s obvious that it’s time to bring out the layers and Xavier demonstrates the perfect act of layering with his jacket, scarf, and hat.  I love the paisley scarf, intelligent design in a masculine way, paired with stripes.  He threw on some simple shoes and VOILA, Denver style!


Falling into fashion



Sorry it’s been so long since we updated this dang style blog!  Be sure to see more posts from us soon! -bshigley

brita and leah

10 Aug

Starting off their days to staff meetings looking fabulous! Their style caught me eye when I was getting my usual Cambric with steamed soy and a shot of vanilla. I get so inspired when I see people who make an effort to really dress up to go to work.  Fashion is one way that we can spice up any average day and it’s nice to see people taking advantage of that!

lady gaga

29 Jul

More fantastic outfits at Lady Gaga!

lady gaga

29 Jul

Fun outfits at the Lady Gaga show! Love the record shoulders!


22 Jul

Justice Kwarteng

Founder of JTA Model Management Justice Kwarteng dropped by the Fashion Denver showroom this afternoon looking like a model in his own right.  His double-breasted vest, classic white tee, and Malinese necklace are fresh, fashion-forward, and perfect for downtown Denver.  Here at FD, we love this look and the individuality and cool confidence that Justice exudes.

– Christian O.

Nona! Style in the Golden Years!

21 Jul

As I was running around downtown on the 16th Street Mall, I spotted the cutest lady on the other side of the street and when I finally crossed over, I realized it was my friend Nona! Every time I see her I want to sit down and listen to all of the wonderful stories that she must have. She was shopping for new tango shoes at the Pavillions.  Here she is with her shopping bags, big sun hat, and as always, tons of color!! I must add that  she didn’t want me to capture the pictures of her shoes because she didn’t like striped anklet socks with black shoes but she was wearing them for comfort and I didn’t want to cut her feet off in the pictures.

One of the cutest women in Denver.

Follow Nona’s blog at http://vitalitymentality.com/ .